Compliance and Accounting Services

Successful development of business in conditions of increase of competitiveness requires to response more promptly and precisely to any change in entrepreneurial environment. This can be achieved through constant training of personnel, their professional improvement, participation in trainings and attestations. Execution of all of these, risks related to spent money and labor results are the responsibilities of organization manager. Demand for highly qualified specialists and efforts for economizing expenses for the successful development of business, caused the appearance of outsourcing services. Such kinds of services are currently spreading more widely in world practice.

Our company, being a specialized consulting company, offers its customers accounting services in the form of outsourcing based on high professionalism and complete confidentiality, to share its rich experiences. Our customers, directing their attention mainly to the development of private business, get a chance to economize management and financial costs in maximum, by enjoying our services as a specialized external organization. So that, our customers by choosing us don’t spend any means for maintenance of separate office, equipment and employees, remain away from the general damage of business activity that can be caused by unprofessional personnel, don’t create condition for losing good name and image, the restoration of which is hard and sometimes is not possible.

We offer you the following accounting services in the form of outsourcing and by protecting trade secrets:

• Establishment, renewal and conduction of accounting.
• Preparation of financial statements in accordance with Resolution on Accounting Standards and International Financial Reporting Standards.
• Preparation of monthly, quarterly and annual statements to present to State Tax Service, State Social Protection Fund, State Statistics Committee, State Employment Center and other government authorities and their submission.
• Installation of 1C accounting software package (in a version of new configuration fully conformed with legislation, with Azeri, Russian and English interface) and thorough teaching of work with the software
• İmplementation of the accounting policy.
• Obtaining of debtor and creditor confirmation acts.
• Filling of cash related documents.
• Accounting of Customs declarations

Advisory Services

Any company administration and management team not always can answer independently and rightly to all questions appearing in the course of company’s activity. Professional advices help the administration to increase production efficiency, develop business activity, bring company to a new level, combat stagnation and crisis, approach business in a new way, etc.

We offer customers, who are interested in optimization of their business, highly professional consulting services in all stages of their activity. Our consulting services consist of the application of economic innovations by taking into consideration the analysis of business activity of customers, basis of development prospects, activity fields and their business properties. Our consulting direction is wide enough. We render services for most fields of business activity and offer you the following consulting services by protecting trade secrets:

• Protection of customers at government, non-government and other structures, and consultation connected with this field.
• Consultation in the field of accounting.
• Consultation concerning the preparation of financial statements in accordance with Resolution on Accounting Standards and International Financial Reporting Standards.
• Consultation related to the tax legislation.
• Consultation related to the labor legislation.
• Consultation related to the civil legal legislation.
• Consultation concerning the clerical work organization and conduction.
• Registration of new companies, branches and agencies in accordance with Azerbaijan legislation and consultation in this field.
• Liquidation of companies, branches and agencies in accordance with Azerbaijan legislation and consultation in this field.
• Building, conducting activities of “human resources” and consultation in this field.
• Getting individual permissions for foreign collaborators.
• Consultation for companies with special regime concerning the taxation process.
• Preparation of contracts and other legal documents and consultation in this field.
• To accompany the inspection during tax inspections, etc.
• The change of shareholders and directors

Arrangement of Audit Services

We, according to contract, offer you to arrange, in economic subjects, inspection, examination, analysis and issue written opinion in the field of financial and economic activity, set up accounting, certify correctness of report indicators, and complex auditing services in the field of financial and economic relations appropriate to auditor’s professional activity.

• Audit of financial statements in accordance with international standards.
• Audit of funds.
• Audit of production resources.
• Audit of financial results.
• Audit of financial condition.
• Audit of fixed assets and intangible assets.
• Audit of authorized capital.
• Complex audit.
• Audit of other assets and liabilities.

Payroll Services

Payroll is an important part of any business, because it leads employees to motivation and to do their job in an effective way. Our team make payroll calculation and payroll budgeting for employers regardless number of the company staff. Outsourcing staff payroll calculation service is offered to business for accurate, rapid and transparent calculation and furher avoiding potential fines and penalties chargable by the relevant authority.

• Setup of payroll system
• Payroll calculation on monthly basis
• Calculation of all vacation types and business trip
• Calculation of social contributions
• Calculation of allowances on termination of employment contract
• Preparation of internal policies on payroll and relevant payments

HR Services

Human resource management is another important issue for successful business development. At the same time, the Labor Code of the Republic of Azerbaijan is one of the codes that prioritizes the rights of employees and a set of rules that must be kept at hand by employers. That is why the demand for highly qualified specialists has created outsourcing services for human resources. As a specialized consulting company, our company offers its clients outsourcing accounting services based on high professionalism and complete confidentiality to share their experience. We offer you the following personnel and legal services in the form of outsourcing and trade secrets:

• Preparation of human resource documentation
• Preparation of labor contracts
• Preparation of all types of labor orders
• Preparation of vacation documentation
• Preparation of documents on termination of labor contracts
• Provision of electronic services on labor relations
• Development of internal procedures for legal regulation between the employee and the employer
• Obtaining temporary and permanent residence permits and work permits for foreigners in the country

Assesment Services

There may appear a need for assessment of property value in cases of getting bank credit in regard to real estate mortgage, insuring real estate, holding contests, auctions, sales, calculating property tax, having share in authorized capital of enterprise as property, implementing investment projects, giving property to a confident management, compensation, cancellation, privatization and in other cases.

According to the Law of Azerbaijan Republic on assessment activity, legal and natural persons of Azerbaijan Republic have the right to assess their properties and the results of this assessment can be used in making amendments in accounting and statistical records and statements.

“VB Consulting” LLC, referring to legislation acts of Azerbaijan Republic and International and European standards and principles that are basis for objective assessment, offers legal and natural persons the following assessment methods:

• Assessment of land resources.
• Assessment of machinery and equipment.
• Assessment of vehicles.
• Assessment of uncompleted constructions.
• Assessment of receivables.
• Assessment of inventories.
• Assessment of investment projects.
• Assessment of enterprise and its property during the activity and bankruptcy.
• Assessment of non-financial assets.
• Assessment of other movable and immovable properties.